• Serve - Step out
  • Serve - Step out
  • Serve - Step out
  • Connect Class 400 – Talk My Walk

    Be in mission with Christ, share the message of God’s grace and invite friends to come experience Christ.  Join our class as we develop our own faith story so we will be prepared when the opportunity happens to tell another person about what a difference Jesus is making in our life.  Rhonda Demarest class leader, […]

    Missouri UMC Offers Scholarships

    The Board of Directors of The Foundation of Missouri UMC in Columbia awards scholarships to persons who need financial help while preparing for careers in church-related vocations. The recipient may attend any school recognized by the United Methodist Church and by the board of directors for educating religious workers. An applicant should have completed at […]

    It’s the Journey: March 30 Message

    We’re working more, relaxing less. We’re connected, yet disconnected. When life’s distractions cloud our view of God, we need to stop and realign. Are you burning the candle at both ends? We can’t be fully committed to Christ, if we are fully committed to something else. Cut the distractions, give God your attention and watch […]

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